The story of two sisters

The story of two creative young sisters that mirrors the nature of Ginandromorfa, the rare butterfly who is half male and half female. In this singular creature we can see the different color of the two wings, a black one representing one of the two, in its authority and security but also confidentiality and sometimes inaccessibility, which is why it does not always help to warm up relationships. Instead, the other wing is characterized by brighter colors such as green, yellow: the colors of life that continues and renews itself, colors associated with light, knowledge, heat but also madness. You can see the different length of the antennas which reflects the known age difference between them. Our strength is the exact same strength as a single butterfly, because living a life as a woman requires much more strength and determination than that of a man. The butterflies, each weighing less than one gram, embark on a long journey of thousands of kilometers, the same as our journey undertaken 17 years ago from Tunis to Florence, the city of art and fashion.

925 silver

Our creativity comes from the combination of the two different cultures and their antiquities. We would like to make our innate passion for precious metals a real job. We are talking about Jewelery Design, a figure that is always present in the panorama of luxury and which actually has very ancient origins. Since art must be free to express itself, we have chosen to make all our products exclusively made in Italy and in 925 silver, that is, the pure silver content is 92.5%. Therefore it is more resistant to blows, deformations and dents every day and above all it is 100% HYPOALLERGENIC. Finally, the most important thing is that a silver jewel lasts FOREVER.