come abbinare i gioielli

How to match jewels

Accessories are a fundamental element of our outfit, but how to correctly match jewels to clothes?
Here are some simple tips on how to combine jewelry with clothes:

  • outfit color: gold-colored jewels are suitable for more classic and formal dresses and fit perfectly with black, brown and dark red. As for silver-colored jewels, they are more suited to casual looks and are perfect if accompanied by colors such as green and turquoise;
  • colored jewels: colored bijoux break the monotony of plain or neutral colored dresses, so they are a true ally of your look;
  • necklaces and neckline: if you opt for a shirt with a collar, the perfect necklace to match is small, while long necklaces are better on a turtleneck or sweater. With a rounder neckline, on the other hand, it is preferable to combine shorter necklaces.
  • earrings for every look: With an updo or short hair it is better to choose a long earring. In addition, earrings can rebalance the shape of the face: those with a round face are fine with elongated pendants but not with pearls and circles. On the other hand, those who have a heart-shaped face better opt for the teardrop ones and those who have an oval face shape avoid those that are too elongated.
  • rings for all hands: long hands are perfect with long rings because the tapered fingers enhance all kinds of rings, while the thick hands are perfect for colored, large and different stone rings. If you have small hands, however, it is better not to choose high-end rings because they will make your fingers look even shorter.